Independent, In-Depth or Join-in Tours for you

Independent, In-Depth or Join-in Tours for you

Okay, everybody has their needs and limitations. Whether you are deeply researching your family history. Or maybe you want to get lost like John Monash did. Or maybe you only have a very limited time or budget. We can help. Day Tours - We run our Day Tours out of Istanbul with our local partners Crowded House Tours. They can pick you up from your hotel in Istanbul, you'll arrive in Eceabat in time for lunch and then experience an amazing tour of the main sites in the Anzac Sector. Once finished they will transport you back to Istanbul. You'll be tired, you'll probably sleep your way home but you'll have had an amazing time and a true taste of Gallipoli. Independent and In-Depth. We can arrange the lot. We can do driver/guide options and you'll have the 30 years plus experience of having me along. Over the years we have helped families to research their Gallipoli history and we'll have it all documented before you arrive. You can contact us through this site, or Anyway you do it you'll go home with your own Gallipoli and ANZAC story.

Gallipoli Art

Gallipoli Art

I've wandered these hills, beaches, trenches and gullies for over 30 years. Some might say that makes you blase, but in fact it does not. The battlefield has changed so much since 1915 and in fact since i first walked there in the mid-80s. I decided some years ago that these changes needed to be documented through my art, maybe as some kind of legacy. For one thing is certain.......Nature has won the war started in 1915. Everything changes here by the season. A shipwreck visible only in Winter will be buried in sand in the Summer. Trenches washed by recent rain will uncover relics and remains of 1915. We arrange art inspired tours that take in this amazing beauty. We'll meet the locals and we'll witness sunsets like never before, and usually with a glass of local wine in hand. Bring your family, make up a group. You don't need to be a budding Tom Roberts or Picasso but you'll take home with you memories that will last a lifetime.. My art has been old to buyers all over the world, so please contact me if you'd like a Gallipoli Artist original hanging on your wall. You can also send me your favourite Gallipoli shots and I will do my interpretation of your photograph.

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From the hands of Dionysus to Gallipoli. Wine continues to be a part of our story.

From the hands of Dionysus to Gallipoli. Wine continues to be a part of our story.

Thrace and the Gallipoli Peninsula has recorded the production and tradition of wine dating back about 4,000 years. That tradition continues today. What better way to experience this ancient place, with it's modern 20th century tragic past than to salute those brave souls that have fought wars here since the days of Troy and the Hellespont. We often combine our Gallipoli experience with the chance to visit some amazing wineries on the peninsula. You can meet the winemakers, the staff, see the vineyards and of course taste the results. We can arrange tastings, try your hand at harvests and of course help you take some home with you. We enjoy and thoroughly recommend Gurbuz Restaurant and Winery in Thrace. Akin Gurbuz and his team produce the most extraordinary wine on the market

The Battle of Broken Hill – The real beginning of our ‘War on Terror’?

Imagine, it is August 1914. The war in Europe has just been declared. Thousands of Australian men have flocked to the big cities and towns to enlist. Enlist not to defend our country from a ravaging horde of Germans wearing Pickelhaubs (pointy helmets) and long waxed moustaches storming across the border from German New Guinea,

18 March, victory over the Allies and the strange story of a Turkish submarine…

Today, 18 March is the anniversary of the opening volleys of the Gallipoli Campaign. The date is also marked locally as ‘Victory Day’. The Ottoman Turkish victory over the Allies at Gallipoli. In fact the naval battle on March 18 has nothing to do with Gallipoli at all…… Since the outbreak of war and Turkey’s

The Amazing escape of Captain T.W White of the Flying Corps…

I’m currently working on a piece which I hope will become a tour for enthusiasts wanting to learn more of the stories of ANZACs or Australian military imprisoned as POWs in WW1. Came across this brilliant and barely told story of Capt. T.W. White of the Royal Australian Flying Corps. On 1 August 1914 he

The Lone graves of Gallipoli.

One common understanding that we all have about Gallipoli is that it was a tragedy of epic proportions. That men travelled from the ‘Ends of the Earth’ to meet in battle on the plains, ridges, gullies and beaches of this beautiful place. A place that has seen the clash of civilisations for longer than the

Once Were Warriors – Indigenous ANZACs and a Family Connection.

Being an avid historian of the Gallipoli Campaign and Australian history in general, I find it heartening to explore the alternative stories of ANZAC. On a recent trip back to Australia to visit my family and expose my young daughter Jasmin to her Aussie roots, I came across a fascinating story from my Brother-in-law Bill.

Following William Henry Ebbitt of the Wellington Mounted Rifles………. a pilgrimage with William’s son.

I know I harp on continually about how everyone either comes to Gallipoli with their own story. Either loaded up with facts and figures of their relative’s time here during the campaign. Or they come totally afresh, with no family connection at all. Just a thirst to explore this part of  our history. To walk