Craig Roach Battlefield Guide

Gallipoli in-depth and individual tours. We believe that everybody has an Anzac Story...... Whether it's a family connection, or a...

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Gallipoli Art, War and Wine

The Gallipoli Artist in conjunction with Experta Travel and Events, proudly presents.......... Gallipoli Art, War and Wine 8 Days of...

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Home of ‘Roachie’ – The Gallipoli Artist and Battlefield Guide.

Roachie’…… I am affectionately know as by my family and friends, I have wandered the Gallipoli Battlefield for 30 years. I’ve searched every gully, ridge and trench in what was one of WW1’s most disastrous and tragic campaigns.

Now the trenches, harbours, gunpits and all evidence of this area’s tragic near history is slowly being taken back by nature. So at this time there is a symbiotic relationship between the remnants of war and nature. This relationship has created a remarkable mix of beauty.

As The Gallipoli Artist I am trying to create a legacy for future generations through my art.

As a Battlefield Guide I am trying to keep future generations aware of the sacrifice and the futility of war.

Please come with me and experience my life’s work. Every day to me is an opportunity to explore and to learn. Both through my art and my historical responsibility.

You too can call me Roachie. You too can go home with your own ‘Anzac Story’, for your family. We should never forget the sacrifice made by these men from opposite sides of the world. Tragic to the victors as well as the vanquished. We should never forget.