Craig Roach Battlefield Guide

Gallipoli in-depth and individual tours.

We believe that everybody has an Anzac Story……

Whether it’s a family connection, or a lifelong interest in our history or even if you’ve had little interest in the subject. When you leave Gallipoli you will have your own Anzac or Gallipoli Story. Your story then becomes part of my story.

We will provide all background information to suit your interest. The place where your relative fought and possibly died, or what they went on to do after Gallipoli.

An in-depth tour will take you off the beaten track. To places you’ve likely heard about, the connections these places have with your own lives.

Some of the amazing places you’ll visit with Roachie are……….

Shrapnel Valley and of course Plugge’s Plateau.

Suvla Bay, including shipwrecks and several ‘bases of operations.

Trenches and outposts seldom ever visited by Day Tours.

Long forgotten gun emplacements.

To name just a few gems……..

These tours are designed for families, school groups or individuals who have the time and the budget.

We can offer you a range of accommodation and transport options. If you have a family connection, then I can do all the research into your family member, which unit, where he fought, in some cases how he died and the date and place that he became ‘one of the fallen’…

If you need onward arrangememnts anywhere in Turkey then our company Experta Tours and Events can handle your every need.

Craig Roach – Gallipoli Battlefield Guide.

Day tours and Join-in tours- Istanbul to Istanbul.

We provide an excellent choice of join-in Day Tours to the Gallipoli Battlefield.

These tours are operated by our local partners Crowded House Tours.

These aren’t the totally in-depth tours run by Roachie, but more for those with a limited time and budget. We’ve researched local operators and found that these guys provide the best logistics for those who simply wish to ‘tick the box’. Great local guides, information and inclusions.

This sample itinerary can also be the basis for other excursions in the area like Cape Helles and the ancient marvel of Troy.

07.00 Pick up from your accommodation in Istanbul.

Travel to Eceabat with breakfast included along the way. Arrive and enjoy a local lunch before heading out to the battlefield.

Inclusions are:-

ANZAC Commemorative Site

Ari Burnu and Beach Cemetery on Anzac Cove.

Shrapnel Valley.

Lone Pine Cemetery.

Johnston’s Jolly and trenches.

Turkish 57th Regiment Memorial.

The Nek.

Chunuk Bair.

Return transport and drop off in Istanbul.

Price: 80 Euro per person