Twenty five years ago, I stepped into an office near Taksim. It was the office of a local travel agency that handled the operations for an amazing British adventure travel company. An hour later I walked out a fully fledged Tourleader-in-training lol

The next 13 years I met the most professional and customer-centric people in the adventure travel industry. We used Istanbul as our base but worked all over the world, India, Nepal, Syria, Morocco, Egypt,Eastern Europe, just to name a few. Now tourleading is a tough game. Every year new recruits would join us and of course then they realise it’s bloody hard work. Some would go to work out of other offices, some would go work for other companies and some just weren’t made for it.

In 2009, that great company was acquired by some horrible conglomerate and was swallowed up. The clients didn’t like what happened and deserted the company in droves. It closed down.

So what do you do when you have all these amazing travel people wanting to perform their craft? Well you take all that experience, over 35 years of experience and you gather them close, and you create a bespoke travel organisation called EXPERTA!

Experta has gone onto represent some of the truly great inbound travel compnies in the world. But it’s not just about our expertise in group travel. It’s also the little things, the attention to detail, the honesty and the integrity that comes from dealing with the individual.

We know every single inch of Turkey. We can arrange your romantic getaway in Cappadocia, your family trip on a Gulet, your historical exploration of a country where you can stand anywhere in the country and be no further than 10 km from a historical site!

Our guides and drivers are fully licenced and can show you not only the iconic sites of Istanbul and Turkey but also the long-forgotten, the hidden places, the food, the wine. the history that you have come to experience. We wont drag you from one shop to another with so called guides only interested in kickbacks.

Our guarantee is that if you are not satisfied or pleased beyond your expectations, we’ll refund you fully!

So feel free to check out our tours, cruise excursions or our join-in group travel.

You won’t be disappointed!


We at Experta have a few different entities. Our page which is specific to our Istanbul Day Tours, with the BEST and most highly prized guides in the Bul can be reached through…….

Also featuring our Live Chat!

Give my mate Erkan a call if you have friends coming to this incredible city!