Gallipoli Art for Sale


The Loneliness of Plugge’s Plateau

Lone Pine Chapel on a Grey Winter’s Day

The Wreck of the Beetle in Suvla Bay

Lone Pine and it’s Cemetery – Sold to Mr. L Blackmore and donated to Shellharbour Anglican College NSW

The Ertugrul Gun in Number 1 Fort Cape Helles

Submarine Net Winch the Dardanelles – The Loch Ness Monster of Gallipoli

The Roses of Ari Burnu Cemetery

The Fishing Boats come to Anzac Cove

The Pillbox of Anzac Cove

J.P Lalor, Grandson of the leader of the Eureka Stockade. Buried where he lie at Baby 700 Cemetery

The Wreck of Suvla Bay

The Hidden French Gun of Cape Helles – Finalist entry in the prestigious 2017 Gallipoli Art Prize