I’ve wandered these hills, beaches, trenches and gullies for over 30 years. Some might say that makes you blase, but in fact it does not. The battlefield has changed so much since 1915 and in fact since i first walked there in the mid-80s. I decided some years ago that these changes needed to be documented through my art, maybe as some kind of legacy. For one thing is certain…….Nature has won the war started in 1915. Everything changes here by the season. A shipwreck visible only in Winter will be buried in sand in the Summer. Trenches washed by recent rain will uncover relics and remains of 1915. We arrange art inspired tours that take in this amazing beauty. We’ll meet the locals and we’ll witness sunsets like never before, and usually with a glass of local wine in hand. Bring your family, make up a group. You don’t need to be a budding Tom Roberts or Picasso but you’ll take home with you memories that will last a lifetime.. My art has been old to buyers all over the world, so please contact me if you’d like a Gallipoli Artist original hanging on your wall. You can also send me your favourite Gallipoli shots and I will do my interpretation of your photograph.

I’ve staged many exhibitions of my art. Mostly around Gallipoli and sometimes at a local winery. I have done commissions for many people around the world and mainly in Australia. My art is for sale. Please feel free to browse this page and let me know if you’d like more information.

Gallipoli is an incredibly beautifl and scenic place. Everywhere there may be evidence of the tragic events of 1915 but slowly nature is taking it back, The beaches and hills are just beautiful. Come visit and make some art of your own.